Penny in Yo’ Pants

We love bikes. We love skirts. But sometimes these two don’t mix well.

Which is why we came up with Penny in Yo’ Pants, an easy solution to making your skirt bikeable.

How to make me

1. Find a penny or something similar.

2. Find a rubber band.

3. Now put on your favourite skirt!

4.  Push the penny from the back of your skirt to the front, through both layers.

5. Form a button at the front of the skirt, using both layers.

6. Wrap the band around the button making sure it’s secure.

7. Now get out there and enjoy your new freedom!

Buy one or ten

We want to make Penny in Yo’ Pants even better!

We are currently trying out new models of Penny in Yo’ Pants to prevent the puckering of skirt fabric that happens when you use a penny.  We want to create a product that becomes your most treasured bike accessory and we will be launching this through Kickstarter soon. Better yet, some of the proceeds from purchases are going to support the Afghanistan Women’s National Cycling Team.

Want to know when we launch?

But this isn’t just about skirts.

Buying a Penny in Yo’ Pants is not just about making your cycling experience more fun and enjoyable. 

We will be donating some proceeds from each Penny in Yo’ Pants purchased to the Afghanistan Women’s Cycling team.   We are thrilled to support these amazing women as they make history in their country and across the world.  With more support – they can train and compete regularly which will in turn create more awareness for their cause and create more opportunities for other women to take the streets.

Share your #pennyinyopants!

Women all over the world are trying out Penny in Yo’ Pants.  Give it a try and share online at #pennyinyopants!

Featured in

This was created with love by Johanna Holtan, Alec Farmer, Madeleine Wilson, and Lucy Stewart at Cyclehack 2014 in Glasgow.
Film by Alec Farmer and Cat Cochrane.
Website by Sarah Drummond.
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